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John Dent was born and raised in the southernmost town of mainland Canada, and moved to Santa Barbara in 2002 to marry Mimi Beller and raise a family. He first began programming on the Commodore PET computer that his father brought home from work, and was hooked on technology. Now, more a consumer than a creator, John encourages his students to be on the cusp, early adopters, and integrates technology into every aspect of his classes. John teaches media classes, like a daily news broadcast and yearbook, as well as computer graphics (Photoshop and Illustrator). His classes force students into the digital space, and yearbook staffers have been known to have more than 3000 Google docs in their account in one year. John doesn't distinguish between males and females when it comes to his expectations for use of technology, and finds that when expectations are the same, results are too. In both his personal life and in his classroom, John is an early adopter, trying to stay ahead of the curve and helping his students get an edge. Most recently, he is implementing an app from HP called Aurasma, and bringing his award winning yearbook into a whole new realm with augmented reality. John earned the Marvin Melvin award for Career Technical Education Outstanding Educator in 2011, and has earned the ROP outstanding educator award two times in his 11 year tenure.