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Aparna is a vivacious student interested in physics, math and computer science. A senior at Plano West Senior High School, Plano TX, she wants to pursue an engineering and computer science degree in college. She is currently enrolled in Computer Science 3 Honors, Calculus AB, and Physics AP. Aparna has completed the Aeronautical Engineering course and the Texas High School Aerospace Scholars (HAS) program sponsored by NASA. Since her exposure to the Mar's program at NASA, she would like to design a robotic space craft to explore and colonize Mars. She enjoys building and programming robots, constructing model buildings and airplanes. Aparna is the only woman member of the executive council of her high school’s computer science club. She is responsible for recruiting new members. This year she successfully increased the enrollment of computer science club members by over 150% to a total of 110 students. She has helped increase women membership by 300%. Aparna has helped create new curriculum and lab lessons to introduce computer science to beginners. She is the student teacher for the novice students at the computer club. The labs include computer science algorithms and techniques, so that members may participate in monthly computer programming contests. Aparna loves competing in programming contests, because they allow her an insight into different programming problems as well as exposure to students from different schools and colleges. She serves as the ambassador during these meets to evaluate and invite schools for future competitions at Plano West. As the resident student STEM tutor she routinely tutors students in AP computer science, Pre-calculus and Physics.