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Anna Resnick is a Mindset Coach with a B.S. in Computer Science from Caltech. She interned as a Software Engineer and Product Manager at Facebook, Yelp, and Redfin, and through her experiences at those companies, she discovered the biggest obstacle that women like her were all facing: mindset blockers, including such challenges as imposter syndrome, growing authentically, releasing expectations, and feeling worthy in their roles. Anna decided to enroll in a rigorous coach training program to become certified as a Strategic Intervention Life Coach, with a specialty in Mindset. Now she coaches women in technology, helping them squash their self-doubt and spinning thoughts to find clarity and take empowered action. On the side, Anna is training to become a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner in order to provide more value to her current and future clients. Outside of the professional sphere, Anna spends a lot of time on creative projects—painting, learning the ukulele, updating her food blog, reading philosophy texts, and binging comedy specials. Her big future vision is to bring women empowerment programs into elementary and middle schools, where she feels young girls are most impressionable and would most benefit from mentorship.