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Anesha is a junior in high school and the CEO and Founder of Likeable STEM: an educational company that offers STEM education, onsite/online technology training for all ages, academic coaching, and mentoring for high school and middle school students. The company also empowers, educates, and supports children and families living with life-threating food allergies. Anesha has a passion for STEM and the arts, is an entrepreneur at heart, and is a sports enthusiast. From an early age, Anesha has firmly believed in “learning for the purpose of learning” and if the subject matter is presented in a visual, interactive, humorous, and relatable manner to students, it would be more effective. In 4th grade, she built a hands-on machine using everyday items to demonstrate the physics behind levers, wedges, and pulleys. The popularity of this project was the catalyst that sparked her interest in computing. She turned to technology to further her goal towards creating interactive learning. She self-learnt many programs and along with her talent for writing rap songs, music composition, animation, and videomaking, , she launched a leaning channel called "Likeable Science.” It now has 400+ subscribers, almost 100,000 views, and is being used by teachers in other school districts. The success of this channel led her to launch her company, Likeable STEM. With online learning platforms for science, computer science, makerspace, and a blog, she is able to inspire girls in STEM and to provide onsite/online computer training. She has personally designed, developed and launched the business website, and has composed and copyrighted music for her online educational videos. She has partnered with 8 libraries across NJ to provide training to the community, and so far has trained 145+ students on site. Having personally faced hardships with life-threatening food allergies, she is a FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education) teen advisor. She writes inspirational blogs for teens, is a panel speaker for tri-state food allergy events, the leader of the #GotYourBack movement and support group, and also donates a portion of her business profits to FARE. Anesha has independently studied programming languages (Python, C++, C#, Java), 2D/3D Animation, Blender, Digital Audio and Video Editing, Adobe Illustrator, and App Development. She has the MIT Edx Certification in Python Programming and the Physical Computing with Raspberry Pi and Python certification. In elementary school as the school president, she received a letter of appreciation from the Lieutenant Governor of NJ for her role in inspiring other kids. In middle school she won the Principal for A Day competition and led her team to win the Astronomy Night science competition by building a physical model and using virtual reality to represent the International Space Station. In 10th grade, she became a National Semifinalist for the National Science Foundation (NSF) Generation Nanotechnology competition. At school, Anesha is enrolled in the highest level of courses and AP computer science. She plays on her school tennis team, is a HAWKS (Helping another Wonderful Kid Succeed) Mentor, is on the executive board of Cyber Hawks (computing club), is a senior technology education leader, is in Chemistry Club, Physics Club, Student Council, and is a Homeroom Rep. Her musical talents include jazz improvisation and solo composition on the trumpet, piano, voice, and through writing rap songs. Anesha was recently awarded the U.S. Congressional Award Bronze Medal for outstanding contributions to the community in STEM and service. Her future goal is to continue to learn new technologies to gain skills, add to her credibility, and seek every opportunity to provide leadership and mentorship to other students, especially girls. Anesha hopes that she will be able to do more for the community and in the future, become a role model to inspire kids (especially girls and those with special needs) to become independent and make a mark in this world through technology.