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Michelle is currently a senior at Niwot High School, and her greatest technological accomplishment thus far is writing her own, original curriculum for the computer club she started, GGCP (Girls’ Generation of Computer Programmers). This AspireIT program introduces middle school girls to programming and teaches them how to animate using the programming language, Python. After starting out as one of the most technologically incompetent middle school students at her school, Michelle was intrigued by the novelty of technology. When she joined her school’s new robotics club, Michelle fell in love with engineering, and has been fostering her interest in technology ever since through clubs such as Programming Club, Girls’ Computer Club, and VEX, FIRST, and BEST robotics teams. Currently, Michelle’s main occupation (other than being a student, of course) is being a Student Designer at the St. Vrain Valley School District’s Innovation Center. Through the Innovation Center, Michelle has acquired invaluable experiences by working on real world engineering problems and incorporating technology in the community. She is the co-leader of the Robotics Leadership Team (a group that promotes and teaches robotics throughout the school district in order to integrate technology into K-12 education), the Curriculum Development Team (a group that develops STEM curriculum centered around combining technology and common core to teach elementary and middle school students through SVVSD’s Community Schools), and the Aquatics Team (a team that designs, builds, and codes a submersible vehicle that will be used to inspect water infrastructure for Boulder County). As for other teams, Michelle works on the Drone Team as the app development lead, where she is developing an Android app that can transmit serial data from a drone’s Xbee radio to the National Center for Atmospheric Research’s (NCAR) online database, CHORDS. She also works on the Tech Team, where she provides Apple support throughout the St. Vrain Valley School District as an Apple Certified Technician. In the future, Michelle plans to pursue a computer science degree, although she is still considering other degrees in the IT field and astronomy. She hopes to continue applying her computing skills to environmental research during her undergraduate years, all in the effort of bettering the planet.