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Over the past few years, Saumya has been learning and achieving goals in multiple technical fields of computer science and STEM. As a junior at the School of Science & Engineering, she has taken the most rigorous courses, summer programs, and performed at the highest level. Saumya has developed programs over a variety of languages and platforms at various sites including universities and companies. Using the knowledge accumulated from years of programming and instruction, Saumya is able to build programs for websites, robotics, and competitions. Saumya will continue to program and spread the influence of women in the Computer Science field. Saumya programs in many languages including: Java, Javascript, HTML, IBM Bluemix, Flash, and App Inventor Android App Development. She has fully incorporated her favorite language, Java, in her life. She uses Java in UIL Computer Science competitions, at University of Texas at Dallas Java Development Programs. She also mainly develops apps with MIT & Google’s App Inventor software at the University of North Texas (2nd place) and at Cisco (1st place). She is currently learning HTML and Flash in her dual credit class. She is also a member of the Robobusters FRC team, which recently advanced to globals; she worked on programming the robot using LabView. Saumya will continue to learn more languages and develop more programs as her contributions to society. Saumya holds multiple leadership positions and awards. Saumya has been Captain of the CS Team since my sophomore year, PR manager for Physics Club, Co-Founder of ATOM Activities Committee, Co-Founder of SEM Innovators Powered by MIT, Co-Founder of STEM Spirit, and FRC Team 5057’s Outreach Captain. She has been commended with the 2017 NCWIT National Award and 2017 SWENext Global Innovators Award. For over 5 years, she has volunteered to coach disabled kids to swim with Coppell Special Olympics. She has interned at Baylor Hospital, Parkland Hospital, and Abbott Diagnostics. She conducted research at UTD for over 3 years and was a 2016 Siemens Competition Regional Finalist. Apart from traditional computer science, Saumya has done impressive research in the Biotechnology field. She was selected into the highly competitive Nanoexplorers program of 2015 & 2016 at the University of Texas at Dallas. She identified and analyzed the vibrations of artificial muscle fibers using Raman Spectroscopy under the mentorship of a UTD professor during her sophomore year. Currently, she is developing and analyzing a new approach to create implantable medical devices that could be used to study the nervous system and ultimately treat neurological diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease. She won the 2016 Siemens Competition regional finalist award with this project and hopes to continuing competing to increase recognition for her novel approach. Once again computer science has appeared in the identification of the electrochemical characteristics of the shape-memory polymer coated implantable technology and has further interested her into a field necessary of more females. Saumya always challenges herself to accomplish new goals and to perform the best. Throughout each school year, she works diligently, exceeds her goals, and earns exceptional grades. She hopes to graduate high school with outstanding honors and to continue her education at a highly rated college . After attending college with a degree in Computer Science and Business, she hopes to start her own technology-based company which would provide innovative solutions to various industries by creating life-saving applications. As a female entrepreneur in the technology field, Saumya will create programs, such as Aspirations, to encourage other girls into the field of Computer Science.