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Abigail is a current senior at Notre Dame Academy in Hingham, MA. Three years ago, a teacher suggested she attend a robotics meeting after school. So, she went, intimidated by what she thought she should know to even be interested in the club. She had no idea what FIRST robotics was or what a program in LabView was for that matter. From that day forward though, she gained a family of teammates and an astounding mentor, Mrs. Parry, who supported her to where she is today. As the lead Software Engineer for the team, Abby is in charge of working with her teammates on developing an efficient plan for each year's game. Working through lunch everyday at school and sometimes even taking the computer home, robotics is a part of her now. In order to improve the robot's performance, she took it upon herself to independently learn RobotC, which has been a huge success! Her involvement in FIRST has given her the opportunity to develop confidence as a female programmer, and also fundamental communication skills working on a team. She is currently taking AP Computer Science as an independent study with the help of one of her mentors, Mrs.Cheyne whom she can't thank enough for encouraging me to go beyond her limits! Apart from robotics, Abby is heavily involved as the captain of the Computer Team at Notre Dame, and loves to write music and play guitar! She regularly posts videos to her youtube page, and has had one of her cover's played on Mix 104.1's radio station. She has a younger sister, who she hopes to encourage and influence in pursuing her dreams as a female, and a five year old brother, who she loves to take out to go to the movies or play! She is beyond grateful to her parents encouragement to excel and for providing her with her education.