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Tessa S.

Tessa is a high school student who is still questioning who she is and doesn't prefer really any pronouns. She is quirky and fun and kind and an empath. She creates fanfiction, fan video edits on YouTube, photo manipulations in photoshop and more. Tessa has always had an interest in the arts and specifically in movies and wants to become a CGI Artist (mostly for Marvel/Star Wars/Harry Potter). She would probably say her greatest tech achievement has been helping their parents how to do things and working in Computer Science and doing coding. She really wants to go to a college in Florida that is a one year program and then an online four year program. The college is called DAVE or something along those lines and is actually placed inside of Universal Studios which is one of the main reasons that they want to go there. Plus, students who have worked in 3D Animation at Waunakee have gotten into that school and have worked on things that they like (currently, The Mandalorian). She really hopes to one day be really working on projects that she loves and have fun in her work.

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