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Sylvia C.

Sylvia is a driven and industrious student leader fascinated with the benefits and social potential of technology. In her communities she’s a technology enthusiast as the team leader of her school’s Project Invent team, prototyping a shoe-tying mechanism actuated by a heel click trigger called Ruby, which won a prize from a panel of venture capitalists. She is co-president of the Girls Who Code club and has organized mini-conferences, field trips, workshops, guest lectures and promoted STEM girl empowerment. She’s an team player in FIRST Robotics competitions, architecting and building the base and elevator mechanisms. By participating in several hackathons, she developed the technical skills to create multiple apps and websites on health and diversity issues, using different social platforms to collaborate with her peers. In 2020 she interned at the Stanford Compression Forum and led a team research project in Virtual Reality using drones to create experiences that foster and measure emotional responses. She was accepted into the 2019 Electronic Arts summer immersion program and created an innovative racing videogame to raise environmental awareness. Sylvia was also selected to participate in the 2018 National Student Diversity Leadership Conference in Nashville. Sylvia loves puzzles, brainstorming and solving problems in a wide range of areas from autonomous vehicles to artificial intelligence. Her optimism and passion for applying technology with proper guidance to create positive change and progress is evident. Aside from computing, Sylvia enjoys volleyball, lacrosse, dance, choir and ceramics. In college, Sylvia aims to combine her interest in electrical engineering and computer science across disciplines such as community service, transportation, and the arts to change the world with empathy, ethics and technology.

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  • 2020 NationalHonorable Mention
  • 2020 Winner
  • 2021 NationalHonorable Mention
  • 2022 NationalFinalist
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