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Ramapriya B.

Rama is a junior at the Mass Academy of Math and Science. She has worked with Arduinos in C++ to develop an assistive technology that improves mobility and spatial awareness while painting, allowing those with low visual impairments to more effectively engage in the arts. Rama is also a dedicated member of her school's CyberPatriot team. She is also using skills in HTML and CSS to contribute to Project Falcon in ETF, where she is helping small business owners develop websites to help them during COVID-19. Rama spent the summer before her senior year delving into the world of Computational Neurobiology at the BU Research in Science and Engineering (RISE) Program, where she developed an original group research project on Wernicke's Area. Rama strongly believes that women should be encouraged from a young age to explore STEM and not be deterred by male-dominated professions. In the future, she hopes to incorporate her passion for Computer Science with that of Biology through Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering.

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  • 2021 Massachusetts AffiliateRising Star
  • 2022 Massachusetts AffiliateHonorable Mention
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