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Phoebe A.

Phoebe is a senior in high school. She is currently part of her school's SMT magnet program, cybersecurity club, Women in STEM club, green team, National Honors Society, track and cross country teams. Her greatest accomplishment was creating a game with a team of 3 other girls in an after school gaming class that won an award at the Oregon Gaming Project (OGPC). She has taught herself Game Maker language and basic JavaScript using Khan Academy. She has completed a Girls who Code camp and a Kode with Klossy camp where she learned basic HTML and CSS to create websites. Phoebe is currently planning on going to college next year and majoring in computer science or informatics.

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  • 2021 Oregon and Southwest Washington AffiliateWinner
  • 2022 Oregon and Southwest Washington AffiliateWinner
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