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Mantra B.

As a pensive and considerate young woman, Mantra strives to be the best person she can be by helping the community around her and constantly pushing herself to be a better person. Intrigued by the STEM fields she participated in robotics, science and bio olympiad, First Lego League, and many other extracurricular activities only fueled her passion for coding. Her love for sharing knowledge led her to become a tutor to the local elementary school and virtually tutor struggling children from around the country. As a second-generation immigrant, Mantra strives to include Indian culture into her everyday life in America. She attended music lessons from the young age of four, spending 12 years perfecting an ancient form of Indian classical music and showing off her talent at Indian events such as TACT and her local Sunday school. In order to become well-rounded, she immersed herself in the arts and attended drawing and art classes. She picked up writing and wrote short stories in her free time. Lastly, her love for reading and books brought her to volunteer and join her library’s teen advisory board, and now she spends her time planning future events for Connecticut libraries, to introduce young children to reading. She aims to pursue computer science in college, and to deepen her knowledge of it, she self-learnt HTML, CSS, and JS and coded a website meant to help people with the same eye conditions she struggles with.

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  • 2020 Connecticut AffiliateWinner
  • 2021 Connecticut AffiliateWinner
  • 2022 Connecticut AffiliateWinner
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