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Katy S.

Katy, an Aspirations in Computing Massachusetts Affiliate winner, is a high school senior at Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science. She plans to study computer science and robotics in college. In high school, Katy has gained experience in computer science through several competitions and projects. She has competed in several computer science competitions, including CyberPatriot (a cybersecurity team competition), ACSL, Liftoff, and more. Her CyberPatriot team won third place in the Massachusetts platinum division. Katy has also worked on a collaborative app design project creating an Android mobile app to aid the elderly in developing and sustaining a daily routine. This past summer, Katy learned about quantum software in Beaver Works Summer Institute's 2021 program. She and her group studied and replicated the quantum phase estimation algorithm. Katy was awarded the Dr. Bob Berman Disruptive Innovation Award there for demonstrating creativity, problem-solving skills, passion, independence, collaboration, and leadership. Outside of computer science, Katy has studied the effects of the metabolism of ethanol on the reproductive system of fruit flies for a six-month independent research project. She worked on a collaborative engineering project developing an Arduino kitchen device to make stove and oven use for the elderly safer. She is also part of a Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam engineering project creating a device to prevent pipe freezing. Currently, Katy is a part of her school's robotics travel team (FRC 190). She is also building an iOS mobile app for tracking digestive health. The app aims to help people easily discover potential causes to digestive issues.

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