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Karen A.

She is a mathematics and computer science teacher at Parish Hill Middle High School in Chaplin, Connecticut. She teaches AP CSP, AP Calculus AB, Precalculus, AP Statistics and Algebra 2. she is passionate about spreading Computer Science to Connecticut and eagerly awaits the state developing and rolling out the K-12 pathway. When she attended college she was the only female in her computer science courses. She wants to help encourage a more equal gender and racial balance. Her first career was computer programming and project management and after 16 years, transitioned to teaching high school. She continually proposes new computer science courses at her school for herself and her coworkers. She takes summer courses in topics that help expand her knowledge and such as Python and Data Analytics. This knowledge helps her to direct more students into Computer Science careers and helps her to promote new computer science courses at her school. She runs a CyberStart club to help students pursue their interest in Cybersecurity, also hoping to generate interest in a new course.

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  • 2021 Connecticut AffiliateEducator Award Honorable Mention
  • 2022 Connecticut AffiliateEducator Award Honorable Mention
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