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Hrithika R.

Hey! This is Hrithika and she is currently a senior in Farmington High School. She has an avid interest in the field and even aspires to major in it in college. Her dad is a project manager in the field so she has been fairly exposed to some of what the field entails. However, even though her father is in the field, it was not what sparked her interest in the field. Rather, it was the other factors in her life such as the presence of the media and how it portrayed aspects of technology in day-to-day life. She was also interested in other STEM fields such as the engineering field, so she had done engineering programs and studied an introduction class in her freshman year, named “Introduction to Engineering Design.” In the same year, she had also done an introduction class in computer science, named “Introduction to Computer Science.” In junior year, she took “AP Computer Science Principles” which is the level above the introduction class that she took in freshman year. Right now, she is in her senior year and she is taking the next level course , which is “AP Computer Science A.” She is also the Competition Support Discipline Leader (COR - Committee of Representatives) FIRST Robotics officers. She hopes she can contribute to the team and help the newer members find an interest in the team like she once did. She hopes this will give her a strong foundation so that she will be better prepared to major in the computer science field in college.

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