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Hannah O.

Hannah is STEM Scholar Academy Coordinator at Sprayberry High School in Marietta, GA. She helped the school become the first STEM certified school in the district that works as an integrated STEM model, allowing STEM students get enhanced curriculum and experiences while maintaining connections to the entire school community. Hannah is the sponsor of the Girls Who Code and the Girls Who Game clubs at her high school and uses those platforms to help young girls find passion, community, and direction in technology and computer science. Hannah was selected to speak at the Girls Who Code 2021 Virtual Graduation and she also helped her students win a $10,000 grant for laptops and robotics with their presentation, "Helping empower the next generation of women in STEM." Hannah's students have gone on to win scholarships and pursue fields in computer science and engineering. Her students have also worked on Senior Capstone projects focused on increasing representation of women in STEM fields through lenses of children's media programming and increased women teaching computer science in elementary schools. This has prompted her high school students to reach out to the elementary schools to create the STEM Sprouts mentorship program, allowing young girls to see big girls thriving in the world of computer science. Representation Matters.

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  • 2022 Georgia AffiliateEducator Award Winner
  • 2023 Georgia AffiliateEducator Winner
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