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She is now in her forth year of teaching computer science at Fort Smith Southside High School. She currently teaches 5 different CS subjects: Mobile App Dev I, Mobile App Dev II, AP CSA, CS Independent Study and CS Internship. Gina is so proud of how the Computer Science Dept at Southside has grown and how many more girls have become involved. Several of her AP CSA class periods are 50% female. Her Girls Who Code Club had 6 girls her first year at SHS (2019-20) and this year has over 30 members.There are now so many students enrolled in CS courses that Southside added 2 another CS teachers to help with teaching the additional courses. Gina is also on the Peak Technology Center planning committee for the Fort Smith School District. Peak is the innovative center for regional students to attend and take all types of technology classes including IT, robotics, network engineering, and Cyber Systems. It opened in the spring of 2022. Gina was also recently elected to the Board of Directors for the Arkansas ACTE (Assoc for Career and Tech Ed) representing Engineering and Technology Education Division. Gina's greatest source of pride was when she won the Arkansas NCWIT Teacher Award in 2020 and 2022. She truly felt so honored, validated, and empowered. Gina loves using her platform to show girls what they can accomplish when they don't feel limited by their age, gender, socio-economic status, or anything else. Don't be afraid! Just go for it!

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  • 2020 Arkansas AffiliateEducator Award Winner
  • 2022 Arkansas AffiliateEducator Award Winner
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