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Fang W.

Dr. Fang Wang has been involved with FIRST Robotics programs since 2009. She has been coaching two Jr. FLL Teams for a total of 4 years, two FLL teams for a total of 7 years, and FTC teams for 8 years. This year, she is excited to oversee 12 FIRST teams with the ACP Foundation ( besides coaching TechnicBots. She is not only mentoring the teams on robotics, but also putting a great emphasis on teamwork and project management skills. She has created many opportunities for the team to reach out to the community to help the team improve their communication, organization, and presentation skills, such as the Youth Robotics Fair, EV3 and FTC Summer camp, FTC workshop, FLL scrimmage, Joint Summer Projects with other FTC teams and mentoring other FIRST teams and Boys and Girls clubs. In past years, she led the team to break the world record in the Velocity Vortex season and become a semifinalist alliance captain at the 2017 Houston World Championship. In 2021, she coached TechnicBots for an innovation of an adaptive physical therapy device designed for children with Developmental Coordination Disorder, that entered the final round of the worldwide FTC Innovation Challenge as one of the finalist teams. She was also nominated by FTC headquarter as the Head Coach of Team USA to compete in 2021 FIRST Global Challenges and led Team USA winning the Gold medal of the Grand Award – Discover and Recover Award. Dr. Fang Wang is a senior software engineer with IBM Watson Health. She has been teaching robotics in the IBM sponsored GIGA WOT (Girls Inspired Greatly About World of Technology) summer camp for over 18 years. She is a Vice President for ACP (Association of Chinese Professionals) Foundation for promoting youth STEM activities. She is the head of the FLL Explore teams, FLL Challenge teams and FTC team of ACP, responsible for coaching the rookie coaches and growing the coaching staff.

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