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Elaine G.

Elaine has been teaching math and computer science since 2006, changing careers from biotechnology as a data analyst. Concerned about the pathway to AP CS A, which was all that was being offered Elaine developed a pathway for her school including ECS, robotics, AP CSP-Mobile, AP CS A. She is particularly proud of participating in after school clubs in two International competitions: BotBall for 15 years in a row and Technovation since the founding year. She worked on the research, development and marketing on infectious disease software called GIDEON. She would like to be in the high school classroom for the next 10 years while staying up to date with Computer Science, learning to teach cyber security, AI topics and e-textiles as well as other physical computing.

Awards Received

  • 2018 Massachusetts AffiliateEducator Award Honorable Mention
  • 2022 Massachusetts AffiliateEducator Award Winner
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