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Divya P.

Divya, a senior at the University School of Milwaukee, played chess her whole life and represented the US Chess Team. Whenever she reviewed her games with her chess coaches, she was deeply fascinated by the complexity of the chess engines. The coding behind the engine captivated Divya. In 6th grade, Divya had her first exposure to coding through Mindstorm bots. As a sophomore, Divya took AP Computer Science and took CSP her junior year. Now she is taking AP Physics C. As she furthered her knowledge in Computer Science, she joined Girls Who Code and coded a game for her science fair project. In the future she plans on pursuing genetic engineering, combining her passions of technology and biology.

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  • 2020 Wisconsin AffiliateHonorable Mention
  • 2021 Wisconsin AffiliateWinner
  • 2022 Wisconsin AffiliateWinner
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