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Bhawna V.

Bhawna comes from a family of engineers and teachers. She's a Computer Science Engineer, a woman of color in technology, and an educator to inspire students in STEM. She started her career in the IT industry and realized the gender gap and discrimination that women and non-binary people face in the workplace. She decided to bring a change, and the best place to start was in the educational system. She works her best everyday to encourage students especially the underrepresented students to hone their skills and join the technology field with the confidence to never give-up. She also makes her students aware of the underlying issues in the workplace, and how they can help stop the discrimination by speaking up and supporting their peers. Bhawna currently teaches Programming, Computer Hardware and Networking to 9-12 grades, and mentors four clubs- SkillsUSA, CS Honor Society, CS Club, and Girls Who Code- an inclusive club for all female and non-binary students. Her belief is that with relentless efforts, she can result in a Butterfly Effect.

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  • 2022 Arizona AffiliateEducator Award Honorable Mention
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