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Avery F.

Avery, who is a senior at the Information Technology and Software Engineering High School @ Fairchild Wheeler, plans to major in Economics and Computer Science and one day become President of the United States. Avery grew up in Michigan and in 2016 she moved to Milford, Connecticut where she’s lived ever since. Avery is an honor roll student and gets recognition for her hard work in her school through teacher, peer, and parent gratification. All throughout high school Avery’s been involved in a variety of different activities where she’s used her leadership skills to make a difference in school activities, such as being president of the National Honor Society or being a part of the Bridgeport Board of Education as a student representative. Avery also enjoys showing her skills of leadership, responsibility, and teamwork, in outside of school activities such as being the captain on her varsity lacrosse team. Avery’s passion in technology has allowed her to learn useful things such as robotics, programming/basic coding, website building, and simply just mastering Office Suite. Her proudest technological accomplishment would have to be her capstone project where she and her group created a model for a 3D printed feminine hygiene dispenser that would be free and allow anyone to access it and would also be able to create analytics that you’d be able to view on your phone to see when you’d need to refill it. Avery wants to continue improving the world with technology and hopes to do more once she gets to college.

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