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Ashley K.

Ashley Kincannon is a teacher at Lake Hamilton Junior High School. For the past four years, Kincannon has taught computer science. Prior to teaching computer science, she taught English for five years. Although she enjoyed teaching English, Kincannon switched to computer science, so she could pursue her passion for technology. She discovered this passion after attending a technology conference during her first year of teaching. After being exposed to the power of technology in the classroom, Kincannon decided to implement all of the new, exciting tech tools within her classroom. At the end of her first year of teaching, Kincannon presented her first professional development session on technology. Since this time, she has presented at over thirty conferences and venues throughout her teaching career. She believes in the importance of sharing knowledge with others because every person has something valuable to share. As far as her education is concerned, Kincannon has an Associate of Arts in Teaching, Bachelor of Arts, Master of Science in Education, and an Educational Specialist degree. In her spare time, Kincannon enjoys spending quality time with her family. She and her husband, Michael, have been married for thirteen years. They have three children, Laura (12), Emily(10), and Greg (1). She and her family live in the beautiful town of Royal, Arkansas.

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  • 2021 Arkansas AffiliateEducator Award Honorable Mention
  • 2022 Arkansas AffiliateEducator Award Winner
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