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Alana S.

Alana is a junior at Olathe Northwest High School. She participates in the school’s engineering program and plans to study environmental engineering in college. She has taken many engineering classes, has participated in various STEM clubs, is currently a leader on the robotics team at her school, and loves thinking about all of the things people can do to make the world better by using technology. In the future, she hopes to design something that can help slow or reduce global warming. Outside of school, she enjoys singing, playing the piano and cello, volunteering, and connecting with people. She hopes to someday inspire other girls to get involved in engineering and technology and show them that they can do anything they put their minds to with hard work, determination, and the will to keep trying.

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  • 2020 NationalHonorable Mention
  • 2020 Western Missouri and Kansas AffiliateWinner
  • 2021 Western Missouri and Kansas AffiliateWinner
  • 2022 Western Missouri and Kansas AffiliateWinner
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