Aspirations in Computing News

    • “This is such an impressive group of young women, and we are honored to be recognizing their achievements,” said Emily Kerr, STEM Discovery Lab Coordinator at UNH Manchester, on this year's AiC Affiliate Award Winners from Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.
    • “We all have stories to tell and we all have communities we love, let’s make technology for us and for those communities.” // We are so proud of AiC Community Member Kaya Thomas and her amazing app, “We Read Too.” Read More.
    • “Whether it is technology used to track species, measure pollution, or engage people in new ways of thinking, she is keyed into the power of technology to transform our experience and understanding of the world
  • We are so proud of the large number of AiC Community Members who were winners of the 2016 Congressional App Challenge! Over the coming weeks, we’ll highlight some of their amazing winning apps. They’re all celebrating in Washington D.C. today at the reception and demo day. Meet the winners from the AiC Community and their amazing winning apps:
    • The only thing we love more than bragging about our AiC Community members is watching their communities brag about them! Congratulations Jennifer King, Jaclyn Windorff, Anja Schwobe, and Jordan Main! You give New Berlin a good name.
    • Did you catch this shout-out to AiC Community Member Kenzie Flinn?
    • “She brings a strong female presence to the robot design team and is paving the way for other girls on the Bomb Squad to get more involved in the robot. Anna noticed a lack of female interested in our community for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) activities. So she took it on herself to create and mentor a robotics team for sixth through eighth-grade girls.” // Jackie Meissner, High School EAST Facilitator, talks about AiC Community Member Anna Fisher. We’re proud to have you in the community, Anna!
    • “In addition to showing my brothers and sister that you can have whatever you want if you believe in God and have faith, I’ve always charged myself with being the change I wish to see in the community -- right now that change is the technology industry.” // We’re not surprised to see AiC Community Member Khalia Braswell listed here
    • "What does a student coding in a white mask have in common with a New Zealand man struggling with
    • “Proud of our Champions of Change -- folks who prove that, here in America, there's no more powerful role than that of citizen.” // President Obama celebrated the Champions of Change last week, including many of our AiC Community Members. We are proud of all the great work that they do! 
    • “Being a Black Muslim woman, my narrative has always been reflected in politics, but not necessarily in the way that I’d like it to be. I got really into politics and picked it up as a minor.
  • Congratulations to AiC Community Member Lucie le Blanc who was recently awarded the "Women In Tech Award" by the Westchester County Association, which celebrates the leadership, creativity, and innovation of women in science and technology. Congrats, Lucie! 

  • AiC Community Member Trisha Prabhu's presented her anti-bullying app ReThink on Shark Tank on the season premier and reeled in Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner for a joint investment of $100,000! ReThink is an app that stops cyberbullying before the damage is done by encouraging teens to rethink posing an offensive message on social media before hitting the send/post button.

  • AiC Community Member Katherine Liu and Stanford student / Facebook product designer is sharing the strategies and resources she used to build her own design curriculum for helping out the next woman pursuing design. This post was shared with permission and was originally posted on