Aspirations in Computing News

    • AiC Community Member Yarely Chino was spotted teaming up with friends to offer affordable programming classes for women in Salinas & Monterey, California through the non-profit Girl Develop It. Read about their initiative here!

    • 2018 NCWITAiC Educator Award Recipient Danielle Mateo is opening a new branch of theCoderSchool in Las Vegas! As Danielle observes, “Learning how to code is extremely empowering and has the ability to take children to new heights mentally and creatively. Not only is coding a career path, but it opens doors by teaching kids to discover, reason, and create.” Get the full story here.

    • In the fourth installment of Innovator to Innovator, AiC Community Member Rian Walker met up with Apple VP Lisa Jackson to discuss the ways both women’s passion for computing and their drive to overcome obstacles fueled their journeys to success. Read about their conversation here.

    • AiC Community Members Amanda Tomes and Rayanne Liester, along with 12 other high school juniors and seniors from South Dakota, were invited to the Rocket Girls CyberSpace Camp at the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, where they explored online security and the history of space travel. Read about their adventure here!

    • It's not luck, it's deserved! AiC Community Members Akshaya Dinesh, Gabrielle Ecanow, and Amanda Southworth are in full force at the Apple WWDC18. The three received scholarships to cover their expenses, plus a year’s membership in the Apple Developer Program.
    • At this year’s Securing Our Cyber Future: SafetyNet Symposium in San Diego, California, AiC Award Recipient Betta Lyon-Delsordo was honored with the 2018 ESET Women in Cybersecurity Scholarship. The cybersecurity company ESET established the scholarship to encourage and empower more women to explore careers in this field.

  • Jeff SolinNCWIT Aspirations in Computing is pleased to announce that Lane Tech High School Computing Instructor Jeff Solin has been named the recipient of the 2018 NCWIT Aspirations in Computing (AiC) National Educator Award!

    • Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is an NCWIT Investment Partner, and their support is integral to the NCWIT Collegiate Award. In this piece, HPE exec Jill Sweeney explains why the work that NCWIT and AiC Community members are doing is so important for today’s tech world. Plus, check out the fabulous photos of some of our past Collegiate Award recipients!

    • AiC Community Member and High School Senior Rebecca Kahn emailed Apple CEO Tim Cook in hopes of getting his insights in an interview for a school project. The connection sparked ideas on both sides of the conversation, and soon, NCWIT and Apple Inc. were collaborating on the new Innovator to Innovator mentorship program, which pairs high school women interested in STEM careers with Apple executives.

    • Here's AiC Community Member Michelle Qin's #iAspire story on being a part of the AiC Community and running an #AspireIT program. // “I’ve been thinking over the past week how grateful I am to be a part of NCWIT and this incredible, strong, inspirational community of women. I feel so lucky to be able to learn from you all, hear about your successes, share my ideas, and continue pursuing my passion for computing.
    • "I couldn't be more grateful to Marvel, Dolby Studios, the American Association of the Advancement of Science, and Synchrony Bank for giving me and the other finalists such an incredibly unique and memorable experience. We all learned so much about how to be proficient in and dedicated to our work in STEM." // AiC Community Member Jill Eddy was one of five finalists for Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok' Superpower of STEM Contest!
    • My own experiences have shown me the importance of encouragement and engagement. In 7th grade, my parents enrolled me in a weekly Java camp, the first of many programs. On the first day I expected to make many new friends; however, when I entered the room I realized I was the only girl. As a 13-year-old, I was nervous and initially wanted to leave, but my mom insisted that I at least try the class.