AiC Members In the News (October 2021)

  • “You need to be encouraged from a young age, especially women, who are underrepresented in IT fields. That’s when you start selecting what you like and what you don’t.” // AiC Community Member and 2021 AspireIT Impact Award Recipient Roma Desai taught classes on Python and other programming skills as part of the AAUW Triad Tech Savvy Conference for students in fifth through eighth grade. Learn more here
  • AiC Community Member Sivani Arvapalli was recently named one of INDIA New England News’ 20 under 20. In addition to introducing middle school students to robotics through the FIRST Lego League, she’s also working on a major fundraising project “to help socioeconomically and medically underprivileged children both locally and internationally.” Get the story here.
  • AiC Community Member Madalyn Nguyen is excited about robotics… and golf! Her coach says, “I truly don’t know how she does what she does; I don’t think she sleeps.” Read about her accomplishments here.
  • “All my life, I have been a part of organizations and causes related to promoting young people and women in STEM... I want to continue my work in helping, encouraging, and uplifting youth, women, and those who are marginalized in society to help them reach their potential.” // Find out how a Computational and Data Science Fellowship is helping AiC Community Member Daniela Markazi reach her goals.
  • AiC Community Member Chadani Timsina was one of 21 high school students from central New York to be honored with a Best & Brightest Award. Go here to learn more.
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