AiC Members In the News (April 2021)

When she was in the sixth grade, AiC Community Member Baylee Herman was already designing technical solutions for agricultural challenges, including a wireless system for monitoring her pig’s feed and water. Since then, as her local newspaper reports, “[s]he has provided sensors and code for both the local water users association and local irrigation company.” She also “upgraded a local farmer’s center pivot control system by adding monitors and alerts to it and has prototypes for compost and grain bin temperature sensors in the works.”

We also spotted these AiC Community members making headlines in their local news this month: Ava Breitbeck; Madeline Tharp; Aspen Derry; Sanjeetha Peters; Patricia Garcia; Educator Mike Rudolph and four students from Littleton, Colorado; Ayushe Nagpal and Mina Ryumae; Jillian Maher; Farita Tasnim; Kelly Zhang; 17 students from Montana; three students from Miami Lakes, Florida; four students from Fort Smith, Arkansas; and 16 students from Mississippi.

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