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Research shows AspireIT participants more easily identify with near-peer mentors, increasing their personal self-efficacy and confidence. To that end, NCWIT offers two AspireIT components to amplify and further the positive impact of near-peer instruction: the AspireIT Impact Award, and the AspireIT Toolkit.


AspireIT Impact Award

NCWIT AspireIT is designed to teach K-12 girls, women, and genderqueer and non-binary people programming fundamentals and computational thinking in fun, creative, and hands-on environments.

  • The Impact Award elevates the core values and spirit of NCWIT AspireIT. Award recipients will be selected based on their efforts to build and creatively offer hands-on learning opportunities in computing and career exploration, and to bring together advocates and allies of various backgrounds through computing-related events and community groups. Applications for the 2023 AspireIT Impact Award are now open!

  • Meet the 2022 NCWIT AspireIT Impact Award Recipients here!    

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AspireIT Toolkit

  • The NCWIT AspireIT Toolkit helps anyone interested in designing engaging and inclusive computer science experiences for K-12 students, with a focus on broadening the participation of girls, women, and other underrepresented populations. The Toolkit equips facilitators with the resources and support they need to create sustainable and lasting change in their communities. All content provided incorporates three core values for which evaluation shows to foster effectiveness and lead to the greatest impact for participants and their communities: peer mentorship, inclusivity, and hands-on engagement.

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AspireIT Evaluation Stipends

  • As an individual involved with NCWIT and/or the Aspirations in computing (AiC) program, you have access to free resources for creating computing experiences in your community. Access the AspireIT One-Day Event Guide and AspireIT Toolkit "How-To" Guides to help you develop computing experiences and (if you qualify) request stipends for participating in the evaluation of your event(s). 
  • NCWIT is excited to offer AspireIT Evaluation Stipends for participation in our evaluation program. Stipends of $500 are available on a first-come, first-served basis to individuals who fulfill the requirements of the program, which consist of collecting and sharing specific evaluation data for your computing experience or program.
  • Please carefully read through the AspireIT Evaluation Stipend Guidelines. These guidelines and procedures will help you determine if you are eligible to request a stipend and ensure that you collect all of the evaluation data you need to share with NCWIT.
  • After reading through the guidelines and determining if you are eligible, follow this link to submit an AspireIT Evaluation Stipend Request. 2023 AspireIT Evaluation Stipend Requests open on January 17, 2023 and close June 15, 2023.

Collective Impact

AspireIT participants are ultimately encouraged to contribute their unique perspectives and ideas to future innovations, and its impact is undeniable:

  • Since 2013, more than 14,200 girls, women, and genderqueer and non-binary people have received more than 407,700 instruction hours through nearly 700 AspireIT programs in 45 states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico — many of whom did not have prior computing experience.

  • And, 75 percent of participants express interest in taking a future computing class.


NCWIT AspireIT is supported by Amazon, Apple, Google, DoD STEM, and STEM Next.

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