AspireIT Toolkit: Program Implementation

Now that you have completed all pre-program activities, here are several things to help you run an amazing program:

  • Require Participant Consent & Release Forms:

    • Make sure all participants have completed this form before the first day of the program.

    • While we prefer that these are completed via the NCWIT online registration process, hard copies (English | Spanish) can be signed and uploaded later, if necessary.

  • Hang an AspireIT Welcome Poster.

  • Set the tone at the start and end of your program with these videos:

    • AspireIT Intro Video for Participants // AspireIT Leaders excite participants to learn new things that they can use for anything they want to do in life, all while asking questions to peers and volunteers who are there to help, solving problems, and making friends.

    • AspireIT Outro Video for Participants // AspireIT Leaders congratulate participants for finishing their program, encourage participants to continue learning technical skills to improve people’s lives, and to remain involved with the supportive NCWIT community.

    • AspireIT Video for Parents (English | Spanish)

  • Celebrate participants’ accomplishments with this AspireIT Program Certificate Template.

  • Deliver the special Message for Adult Influencers.

  • Don’t forget to have participants complete the required NCWIT pre- and post-surveys.

  • Share media coverage:

    • Did anyone in the media do a story about your program? Tell us about it through this form.

  • Take photos:

    • The best photos are close-ups with one to three people being active — discussing, creating, building, testing, etc.

    • Make sure everyone in the photo has a signed photo release (see above).

    • Share three to five of your best images through this form.




AspireIT Toolkit


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