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AiC High School Applicant Resources

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Our NCWIT-WI AWESOME video is --> here <--


List of opportunities announced to our past awardees and our current applicants:

  • Alverno College Business Forum celebrating National Women's Business Week on October 17, 2019 info here
  • Lawrence University alumus Brad Smith, President of Microsoft, "Tools and Weapons:  The Promise and Peril of the Digital Age" address on October 18, 2019 info here
  • NASA International Space Apps Challenge, host: Milky Way Tech Hub on October 19, 2019  info here, registration here


Do you want to become an application reviewer?

Adults including college students may choose to review these dynamic applications from the national pool.  The time involvement would be 2-3 hours for about every 10 you choose to review.  A rubric is provided to evaluate the paragraph responses.  If this sounds interesting, please go to <http://aspirations.org/register> and on the application, choose the last item Award Reviewer.


If you are interested in reviewing our Wisconsin affiliate's applicants, the review process is essentially the same.  If you are interested, please send your name, organization and email address to <ncwit.wi@gmail.com>


Save the Date:  

NCWIT-WI Aspirations in Computing Awards Event

Sunday, May 3, 2020.

New Venue - This year our Awards Event will be at the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) Kern Center with tours of the brand new Dwight and Dian Diercks Computational Science Hall available.  Plans are still being made but the event times will be from about 1:00pm to 4:00pm.  Many more details to come.


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On May 5, 2019 we held our awards event recognizing 104 high school awardees including two national honorable mentions, 1 national collegiate finalist and 3 educators. There were about 350 attendees. The 2019 program booklet is here

Previous booklets:  2018,  2017,  2016,  2015,  2014,  2013,  2012




New Berlin Students, Teacher Earn Tech Recognition Through NCWIT, March 5, 2018


Article about one of our awardees who received an NCWIT Aspire IT grant to create a Saturday workshop for middle school aged girls in her community.

Middleton HS Students Start CS Program for Younger Girls


Article about one of our 2016-2017 NCWIT-WI Aspirations Award winners now at UW-Madison.

Brand New Badger:  Daughter of Hmong immigrants part of national push for more women in technology


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About:  NCWIT - Aspirations in Computing (AiC)

The National Center for Women in Information Technology (NCWIT) Aspirations in Computing (AiC) Program provides technical young women with ongoing engagement, visibility, and encouragement for their computing-related interests and achievements from high school through college and into the workforce.   AiC Community members are supported by their peers, volunteers, and NCWIT Alliance member organizations who offer exclusive access to scholarships, internships, mentorship and professional work to strengthen their leadership, technical, and entrepreneurial skills, further preparing and motivating them to participate in the computing workforce.

About:  Wisconsin Affiliate of NCWIT - Aspirations in Computing (AiC)

The Wisconsin Affiliate of NCWIT is uniquely charged with developing a statewide network of support for members of Wisconsin’s AiC Community.  NCWIT-WI plays a key role in the development, attraction and retention of young technical women to support economic development and innovation across the State of Wisconsin.  The WI Affiliate is based out of Southeastern Wisconsin and leverages the Wisconsin Mathematics Education Foundation (WMEF) as its fiscal agent.  All donations are tax deductible.

Contact: E-mail: ncwit.wi@gmail.com

Twitter: @NCWIT_WI

LinkedIn: NCWIT Wisconsin

About:  Aspirations in Computing (AiC) High School (HS) Award  

Award recipients are selected for their aptitude and interest in IT and computing, solid leadership ability, good academic history and plans for post-secondary education.  Winners and honorable mentions are selected at both a National and State level.  State winners and honorable mentions are recognized at a local ceremony designed to connect their winners to post-secondary education providers and businesses with an interest in supporting young women in technology. Recipients of the AiC Educator Award are also recognized at this event.


About:  Aspirations in Computing (AiC) Collegiate Award:  Open to college women in any year of study who have completed technical projects that demonstrate a high level of creativity and potential impact.  Awards range from $2,500-$10,000.  This award program is administered at the National level; however, the Wisconsin Affiliate provides support as needed to AiC Community Members who wish to pursue a project and/or need local support to apply for the award.  


About:  Aspirations in Computing (AiC) Educator Award:  This award is open to any educator who has endorsed at least one young woman for the Award for Aspirations in Computing (HS) during the 2017 application period between September 1 and November 6. This award publicly celebrates educators - teachers, counselors, administrators, mentors, and other influencers - who encourage high school women's interest and ability in computing. There is one winner and possibly multiple honorable-mention awards each year. 

About:  AspireIT K-12 Outreach Program:  This program, open to any awardee of the Award for Aspirations in Computing (HS), provides funding (up to $3,000) for a program which an AiC awardee implements to connect with K-12 girls to create and enhance interest in computing. Using a near-peer model, program leaders (AiC awardees) teach fundamentals in programming and computational thinking in fun, creative environments.

Recent Aspire IT Grants awarded to Wisconsin Awardees (more details here):

  • Emily G 2016-2017
  • Rachel W 2017-2018
  • Rucheng P summer 2018
  • Jocelyn E summer 2019
  • Isabelle K summer 2019
  • Rucheng P summer 2019

AiC Key Dates

9/1/19 - 11/5/19: Application period - AiC High School Award

9/1/19 - 12/2/19: Application period - AiC Educator Award

9/1/19 - 10/21/19: Application period - AiC Collegiate Award

mid - 12/19: National AiC HS award winners & honorable mentions notified

2/22/20: Wisconsin AiC HS award winners & honorable mentions notified (due 1/31/20)

2/22/20: Wisconsin AiC Educator Award selections (due (1/31/20)

3/16/20: National AiC Collegiate award winners & honorable mentions notified

TBD: Registration opens for WI AiC Awards Ceremony (winners and their parents and/or teachers, post-secondary education partners, and business partners are invited to attend)

5/3/2020: WI Aspirations in Computing Awards Ceremony:  MSOE University


NCWIT WI Post-secondary Education Partners

Post-secondary Education Partners (pdf) (dot) are those that are providing support in one of the following ways:

  • Financial support through sponsorship of the NCWIT-WI Aspirations Award

    • to subsidize the costs of the AiC awards ceremony
    • to provide scholarship support to WI AiC Winners and/or honorable mentions
  • Swag bag donations for WI AiC Winners and/or honorable mentions.

  • Provide post-secondary advising personalized for AiC Community awardees looking for direct-entry/transfer information related to technical programs of study.

NCWIT WI Business Partners

Business Partners (pdf) (dot) are those that are providing support in one of the following ways:

  • to subsidize the costs of the AiC awards ceremony
  • to provide scholarship support to WI AiC Winners and/or honorable mentions
  • Swag bag donations for WI AiC Winners and/or honorable mentions.
  • Scholarship support to WI AiC Winners and/or honorable mentions communicated through WI AiC Community.
  • Commitment to provide opportunities for talented technical young women to meet potential role models and experience the kinds of career options available to them
  • Commitment to provide information on eligibility and how to apply for internship opportunities through WI AiC Community.
  • In kind support provided to support NCWIT-WI (printing, video production, public relations support, hosting meetings, etc.)


Contact Information

Email:  ncwit.wi@gmail.com
Twitter: @NCWIT_WI
LinkedIn: NCWIT Wisconsin


Joseph W Kmoch - JK Consulting, joe@jkmoch.com

Committee Members

Mary Acuna - Brighton Strategy

Jodi Bonkoski - Andiamo Coaching

Christine Gay - Advantage Aurora Health Care

Amy Koroll - PDS Inc

Jodie Kozicsowski - Advantage Aurora Health Care

Kathy Lang - Cielo Talent

John Miller - PDS Inc

Cheryl Nowak - American Transmission Company

Dele Ojelabi - Comcentia

Natalie Peters - Consultant

Qiana Ramsey - We Energies

Tina Rock - Advanced Hires

Laura Schmidt - MSOE

Cynthia Short - Translator Inc

Sharon Skinner - Alverno College

Elizabeth Terasek - Goodwill Industries

Sharyn Warren - Alverno College

Rachael Wiley - VCIP, WCTC student, 2018 winner of AiC

Sunshine Xiong - Alverno student


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