The Maryland Community is proud to host the sixth Award for Aspirations in Computing in 2017-2018. Award recipients were selected for their aptitude and interest in IT and computing, solid leadership ability, community service and learning outside of school, good academic history, and plans for post-secondary education.

CONGRATULATIONS to all of our 2018 winners, National Honorable Mentions, Honorable Mentions with Distinction (a unique Maryland category), and Honorable Mentions! You should be very proud of your accomplishments. Our Honorable Mention with Distinction category is for applicants who do not quite qualify for Winner, but are more accomplished than Honorable Mention. Prior winners can also be awarded an honorable mention with distinction if they qualify for an award again; you can only be a winner once, but can be either type of Honorable Mention as many as four times. That means you can attend the ceremony multiple years, as both Winners and Honorable Mention with Distinction are invited!

2018 WINNERS: Aniya Brown, Caila Coates, Helen Dover, Katherine He, Priyanka Kargupta, Nilla Karunakaran, Radhika Khare, Shreeya Khurana, Divya Koganti, Katie Li, Srija Makkapati, Abigail Mattingly, Esha Mittal, Aiyanah Muhammad, N'Dera Muhammad, Asha Nur, Hariti Patel, Aliza Rabinovitz, Logan Rice, Aneesha Sampath, Megha Sharma, Cindy Shi, Katie Spiegel, Courtney Tse, Saniya Vashist, Alice Zhang.

2018 HONORABLE MENTION WITH DISTINCTION: Sarah Abdalla, Afe Addeh, Malini Balachandran, Marina Burke, Marissa Curry, Morgan Dean, Seemab Kazmi, Gabriella Locke, Amber Melton, Holly Metzger, Lanchi Nguyen, Juliana Parra, Gabrielle Pham, Sara Puthur, Divya Reddy, Utsa Santhosh, Wendy Shi, Brianna Sibley, Katherine Sullivan, Samantha Tang, Sarah Thompson, Sreya Vangara, Katherine Vo, Nobline Yoo, Rita Zhang, Annie Zhao.

2018 HONORABLE MENTION: Auva Amirmokri, Nana Annan, Vivienne Auvil, Khushi Bhansali, Nicole Deprey, Aija Johnson, Ayomide Lawrence, Caitlynn Li, Margaret Lo, Rhea Manuel, Farah Patmah, Ariana Sanford, Selena Xiao.

2018 EDUCATOR WINNER: Olukayode Banmeke, Duval High School
2018 EDUCATOR HONORABLE MENTION: Andrea Robertson, Wheaton High School

AWARD CEREMONY: Both winners and honorable mentions with distinction are invited, along with 2 guests, to our award ceremony on 4/14/18 at University of Maryland College Park, followed by a workshop to learn new computing skills. Please RSVP if you have not already done so.

STUDENTS: We encourage women in grades 9-12 to apply by the November deadline! You can't win if you don't apply -- don't take yourself out of the running before you even try! If you have previously won, you are still eligible to win a national award, and are eligible for honorable mention or honorable mention with distinction in Maryland. If you have not yet won in Maryland, you still can win if you apply!

EDUCATORS: If you are a computing educator, please encourage your students to consider applying for the award, and also apply for the educator award yourself!

FACEBOOK: All applicants can request to join our Facebook community for Maryland Aspirations. Use the Facebook group to connect with other applicants from the Maryland area, and to share opportunities.

We are very proud of our five prior Educator Award winners: Kimberly Burton-Regulski of Eastern Technical High School (2017), Amanda Lattimore of Dulaney High School (2016), Michael Price of Springbook High School (2015), Daniel Fowler of Montgomery Blair High School (2014), and Bethany Petr of Thomas S. Wootton High School (2013). We are also proud of our Educator Honorable Mention, Stephen Sell of Clarksburg High School (2017).

Please contact with any questions about the Maryland community. (Note: Prior to 2017, we were the Maryland and Delaware affiliate. The Delaware affiliate is now separate.)

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