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Well, My name is Vladimir, and i am goin to talk about my auto biography, a non-normal child was born a long time ago, called Vladimir, this little boy has something different, why? let me give you an example: That kid was playing with that racing cart like it was a plane, this child had no freinds in elementry school, all thei classmates treated him like the villian of the movie, because the most of them thought he is nasty, bad, etc. Vladimir had a great fasination for sports, and a little fear for the space (every time he looked at the sky he began to cry, becuase he thought the world would turn upside down) he tried to look for sports like archery but in that decade there was no archery team so he gave up for achery and became fat, and suffered a lot of bullying just because he was fat, endure all that bullying was too much for that poor boy, the teachers did not do anything to help him. Years later, this boy became a teenager and he could reach his objetive to become an archer and lost weight aswell, those are all his accomplished goals, he wasn't so successful in the school stuff, learning was one of his hardest issues, he gave everything to be in the honor roll, but nothing turned out no matter what, after middle school Vladimir received the most painful news, he was about to move to United States, why is this so painful for Vlad? because he won't see his friends and family never again, he had to live his sport, his natal city and the delicious tacos (leaving tacos is such a nightmare). When Vladimir finally arrived to Houston Texas, his mid blown, he could not believe what he was seeing, for first time in his live he broke free of the cotamination (His natal city is very contaminated) he finally took a deep breath without a risk of get sick again, but at same time he felt empty for a long time, at the end he did go through this and finally learned english after all, and now Vlad is planning to attend to college and after college graduation he plains to study the astronomy career, because he thinks the space is most beautiful thing in the universe, but at the same time to dangerous.