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Vidhi Srivastava, a sophomore at Redlands High School, founded the STEM for All Foundation, a nonprofit organization that advocates for STEM education for all students. Vidhi is the President of the STEM for All Foundation which aims to promote STEM education and encourage all students, especially girls and other underrepresented minorities to pursue careers in STEM. Vidhi is passionate about STEM education and believes that coding is an essential skill that all students should master as it is applicable across all content areas. To promote the concept of including coding in school curriculum, Vidhi has developed several applications and programs with Scratch, App Lab, Python and Alice that demonstrate her understanding of Common Core Standards across content areas. She is campaigning for students and teachers to use coding as a presentation tool and has successfully presented to teachers and administrators at various county (Google Summit, RCOE MaTHink, STEPCON), state (CLS STEAM Summit, CA STEAM Symposium, Greater San Diego Math Council, California Math Council), national conferences (CUE) and other events (Math Festival, Earth Environment Day, GEMS STEMFEST). Over the past three years, she has trained more than 1,200 educators and 2,800 students. Vidhi was awarded the Champion of Computer Science award by and the Computer Science Teachers association in 2017 for her work. Vidhi is fascinated by outer space and dreams of working in aerospace engineering. She is planning to pursue a degree in computer science and aerospace engineering at MIT and work at NASA. She wants to find a method to combine computer science, aerospace, and genetic engineering to design more fuel efficient manned and unmanned space crafts, reduce interplanetary travel time, and study the hypothetical evolution of life on other planets.