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Throughout life, Victoria has always enjoyed the systematic approach to math. Organization was her strong point and numbers were easy to align and therefore understand. In addition to the Mayor's Youth Corps, volleyball, and cross country, she started the path for the STEM Designation. The curriculum was introduced to her school during her junior year, she became fully immersed ever since then. Participation included taking AP Biology, AP Physics, AP Calculus AB and BC, Introduction to Engineering, and AP Computer Science Principles. During the summer she had the opportunity to intern with Construction Services, Inc. She did not have a keen eye for physical labor, but this experience gave her an insight on construction schedules, marketing, networking, and the business approach of material studies. To continue the love for organizing, her future will consist of an Industrial Engineering degree at Georgia Tech. With this degree, she plans to start a company stemmed from her own coding and marketing that will allow people to make their lives easier. I have so many ideas and a scholarship to help me get to the environment of which will nurture them in college, would not only change my life but help me make to continue to make a difference.