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Victoria is a technology and learning lover who enjoys helping others while doing what she loves. In early 2017, she and a group of students worked together as a team to develop an app concept for the Verizon App Challenge. Their app was called Smile Time, and it allowed users to send kind compliments or inspirational quotes to others. They thought this could help solve the problem of depression and improve self-esteem. They ended up winning best in state for the middle school level in Nebraska. Victoria loved participating in the Verizon App Challenge because it allowed her to experience what creating an app would be like and it was exciting to see how much they accomplished at the end. Their app concept also inspired Victoria to get involved in the community and to help others. In the future, Victoria hopes to go to college and get a degree with tech. In her free time, Victoria likes to play cello and go swimming. Victoria is looking forward to learning more about technology!