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Veronica’s interest in technology was sparked in 6th grade, when she volunteered at an event to teach autistic children circuitry with breadboards. In 2014, she began volunteering for the San Diego International Fringe Festival and became their Assistant Box Office Manager. The next year, she designed and developed a multi-show pass management subsystem by integrating Selenium Webdriver, Python, and Java to improve the efficiency and security of ticket sales. She also customized her programs to work with other Fringe box offices, and her system was adopted by the Charm City Fringe of Baltimore, Maryland. Meanwhile, Veronica is the president and cofounder of All Girls STEM Society (AGSS,, a high school run 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that aims to provide an encouraging learning platform for young girls to develop their confidence, interests, and critical thinking in STEM. AGSS hosts workshops for girls in grades 3-8 at public libraries on various topics, including competition math, knot theory, mathematical origami, astronomy, robotics, programming, biology, chemistry, and aerospace. They also host an annual All Girls Math Tournament at San Diego. Since its founding in 2015, AGSS has reached over 2,500 participants from 230+ schools in 24 school districts across San Diego County. They have also recruited over 100 student volunteers from 21 schools. As for computer science classes at school, Veronica took AP Computer Science in 9th grade; in sophomore year, she completed Berkley CS61A’s Hog and Twitter Trends projects in Advanced Honors Computer Science. Last year, she took an independent study in computer science in which she developed application program interfaces (Facebook and Steam) for a Github project, “Gather”, a social messaging aggregating platform. She also developed an application to access books from Project Gutenberg and analyze word frequency/language patterns using Python, BeautifulSoup, and urllib2. In the summer of 2015, Veronica attended the UCSD COSMOS residential summer camp for computer science. She returned to COSMOS as a lab assistant in 2016 and 2017. In addition, Veronica is president of her school’s high school math club, and in 2016 and 2017, she qualified for AIME (American Invitational Math Exam) and participated in MIT Math Prize for Girls. Veronica is also an avid dancer and writer; she is a member of Bishop’s Performing Dance Group, a pre-professional high school dance company, and she attended the Sewanee Young Writers’ Conference and Kenyon Young Writers’ Workshop in 2016 and 2017, respectively. In her spare time, she tutors Karen refugee students and watches anime. She plans to pursue computer science as well as English with an emphasis on creative writing in college. However, her passion lies in applying technology to make a positive impact on the larger community. In particular, she feels her work for All Girls STEM Society has given her the power to empower other aspiring girls.