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Veronica is an aspiring Aerospace Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, and Programmer who has achieved all A's since 5th grade. So far, she has only dipped her toes into the vast multiverse of programming, but is extremely interested in exploring everything it can do for her. In school, she has already built a device to harnesses wave energy using electromagnetism, contributed to digitally editing videos for various projects, designed and built a knife, and much more. She is also an active member in her high school's robotics team. There, she has been encouraged to learn digital 3D modeling and expand her skills involving hardware. She has enjoyed building many things at home and is interested in expanding her knowledge to building robots, computers, or anything she can put her mind to. As of today, she would like to attend Georgia Tech and pursue Engineering as a career. Specifically, she is quite interested in both the US Military and NASA and would like to turn her dream of doing something great for humankind into a reality.