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The concept of goal setting has been a recurring theme throughout Vanessa’s life. From making S.M.A.R.T. goals in third grade, to setting team goals in volleyball, and making life-long goals in high school, setting goals is a constant in her life. As a seventeen year old, she is supposed to know what she wants to do with the rest of her life and be willing to spend significant capital in furthering her education. Vanessa is longing for a return on her investment of time, effort, and labor in order to reap the reward of having set goals throughout her life for her future. Vanessa plans to pursue her undergraduate degree in Communication Science Disorders. By doing so, she will be positioned to extend her education by completing a Master’s degree in Speech Pathology. Hard work is something Vanessa has never been afraid of and she has learned to understand the importance of being willing to work for success. Vanessa believes that anything can be accomplished if the person is willing to work for it. An important goal Vanessa has, besides obtaining her degree, and getting accepted into the master’s program, is to be happy with her choice of career path. In order to get the best return on Vanessa’s investment of time and treasure, she plans to be conscientious of her mental well-being. “I love school” is not the normal response of a seventeen year old, but Vanessa honestly feels happy in a challenging learning environment. She loves the connections made and the opportunities available. Once she obtains her degree, she plans to use her skill set working in schools to help children. Not only does Vanessa love school, but she has a love for children. To date, her only steady paying job has been babysitting. Her friends jokingly call her a “teen mom”, because in the summer it seems like she always has someone’s child on her hip. Vanessa someday hopes to have her own children, but there are plenty of hurdles to clear before that happens. She believes that an important part of raising a family is to have a healthy marriage. Vanessa has grown up seeing the strong relationship her mother and father hold, and it has influenced her expectations for a spouse to treat her lovingly, as her dad is the most selfless person she knows. A philosophy Vanessa ponders frequently is “everything happens for a reason”. She believes this to be true, but also believes that she is in control of her own destiny. It is crucial that people find their reason for being here on earth. Vanessa believes everyone has a purpose, and to find that purpose, a goal must be made. Vanessa is thankful that she has had the concept of goal setting drilled into her, and plans to use it to her advantage.