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Utsa is a senior interested in computer science. Her interested in this field started during the 6th grade when she took part in CompSci Connect, a coding camp held at the University of Maryland that taught middle school girls how to code. She continued with that program until she completed it in the 8th grade, and every summer since has come back and helped teach students currently in CompSci Connect. She is also the Chief Marketing Officer and computer science instructor for codeHER, a non-profit that teaches middle school girls how to code. In school, she is the president of the MESA (Math Engineering Science Achievement) team, and last year lead her team to win 1st place in Howard County for the Prosthetic Arm Challenge. In addition, she is the president of her school's National Technical Honors Society. She is currently interning with Professor William Gasarch at the University of Maryland conducting research on dynamic programming to find win patterns for the NIM game. She wants to continue to learn more about computer science and strengthen her leadership skills in the future by pursuing a degree in computer science.