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Tarini is a junior at Tesla STEM High school, who really enjoys working on STEM related projects both at her high school, and out of school. She is the co-founder of the nonprofit organization called Legion of Bot, whose purpose is to expose young children, especially girls to the field of robotics and computing. Her passion lies in helping people in various ways using technology. Improving the quality of life of Alzheimer’s patients by leveraging the latest advancements in hardware, software to helping young girls rutal India stay in school by building off-grid, low cost toilets are great examples that showcase her motivation to make a difference in the lives of people across the world. Tarini channels her passion through Legion Of Bot, where she encourages young children to get interested in the STEM fields at an early age and develop an excitement for technology. Tarini and the Legion of Bot team have built numerous interactive robots and showcase them in various events such as Seattle Mini Maker Faire, Women in Amazon Tech Expo, KCLS Libraries, Schools and in other competitive events such as FIRST. Some examples of these interactive robots include an Artificial Intelligence tic tac toe bot that plays against a human, a 2D plotter combined with face detection software, to sketch out a person’s face from a picture, which has been her biggest accomplished thus far. From an early age, Tarini has been exposed to technology though her parents’ teachers and various community members. She believes this early exposure she achieved has immensely helped her through every day problem solving skills, to high school coding classes. She feels blessed to have received technological education at a young age and wants to give back to her community and expose other young boys and girls to the STEM careers. Each month, the Legion of Bot conducts camps for young kids to teach them Robotics and computing 101 in Bellevue Public Library. Further as a manager of STEM Reach initiative at her school, Tarini conducts programming camps for young girls, in rural communities within the state of Washington and elsewhere such as rural Philadelphia (through Skype). Tarini aspires to use software, hardware and various other technologies to solve world problems, especially in areas where technology is not fully developed yet. She would love to work in the Artificial Intelligence development area, as she believes that is where our future is headed. She hopes that her outreach to children about STEM fields at an early age, through interactive robots, educational camps, and presentations will inspire more children to consider a STEM field, especially computing and technology, as an exciting and enjoyable possibility for their future.