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Sumaya has been through a variety of schooling options, from public to private to charter, before finding her best fit in an online school. After eight years as a public online student, Sumaya has seen how technology-based education has taught her resourcefulness, independence, and work ethics that she would not have learned otherwise, all through a flexible learning plan that fit her needs and allowed her to pursue her passions. Her two greatest achievements are graduating from her online school near the top of her class, while also having the time to work towards her second-degree black belt in taekwondo. Understanding that online school is not the best fit for everyone, she wants to work to make the same benefits and resources she had easily accessible to a wider range of students. Sumaya wants to attend college and major in computer science to understand the foundation that technology is based on and what other possibilities it provides. She then wants to continue to earn a master’s in education so she can be aware of student needs and obstacles. Her ultimate goal is to design a nontraditional school that incorporates technology to solve the numerous problems that students face.