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Sue Johnson has taught Computer Science for the last decade at Monarch High School in Louisville, Co, Boulder Valley School District. She loves teaching Intro to Computer Science using Java, C++, Advanced C++, AP Computer Science, Web Design, and being the coach and advisor of the Monarch TSA (Technology Students Association) students who apply Computer Science, Engineering, STEM and most of all creativity and fun to their projects for TSA and school and district-wide gaming competitions. Prior to teaching, Sue received degrees in Math/Physics, MS in Applied Math/CS and worked for 20+ years in Software Engineering. Having also completed a BFA in Art during college, she uses the arts along with STEM, writing, and the history of CS in her courses. Her passion is getting all students excited about Computer Science, how it applies to so many fields, and exploring Computational Thinking and weaving these ideas into their programming. Her program has 50% women in the Intro courses with many girls continuing with Computer Science in University programs. Sue has been a member of CSTA for 10 years, represents Colorado in the CSTA Cohort, and started the Colorado CSTA Chapter over 5 years ago. She has worked with the chapter, CU-Boulder and ECSITE, Agentsheets, and so many generous folks to create professional development opportunities for Colorado Computer Science teachers. Working with a member of the Colorado Legislature this year, she hopes to see Computer Science as a high school requirement in Colorado some day! Sue is an artist in the Denver area, an avid skier, runner, and loves to read, travel, and help friends build web sites.