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Stephanie has been interested in computer science since she was eight years old, initially inspired by her uncle who is a software engineer. She has been a part of a local organization called the Watsonville Technology Education Community (TEC) since she was eleven years old, and is currently part of the teaching division of Watsonville TEC. As part of TEC Teach, she teaches computer skills to children in her community to make computing accessible for all children. Through Watsonville TEC, she also was a part of the Girl Game Company where she learned how to design her own computer games using programs like Stagecast Creator and Alice. Stephanie participated in the University of California Technology Leadership Institute at UC Santa Cruz during the summer of 2011. She aspires to attend a top university and hopes to pursue a career in Bio-Engineering and eventually go to medical school. She hopes to one day be able to combine her interests of Biology and Engineering in order to benefit society.