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Stephanie has stood strong among her fellow male partners when encouraged to take part in technological items. She has taken computer science principles and Computer Science A at her high school. Although she is not on the robotics team, she does help them with things like showing people around when the team travels to fairs and such things. She is well interested in the new ways technology is advancing the world and loves learning about it. While scoring a 3 on the AP Computer Science principle test was an amazing accomplishment and a 2 on the AP Computer Science A test, she also enjoys the interaction of teaching people about the things she has learned. She now aids her Computer Science teacher in class in school She is going to attend college and is already looking into scholarships and the best colleges for her field of study. She would enjoy to major in mathematics and minor in computer sciences. She also wants to learn more techniques about coding different things, whether it be a robot or a game on the computer. She plans on following her uncle into EA Sports, a video gaming company. She has become very passionate about the technological advances throughout the years and speaks with others to learn more about it. It very much interests her, and she enjoys being apart of all robotics meets she can, or just speeches about technology offered to her. This award would be greatly appreciated because she would then realize that she can do something with computer science, it is a respected field of study to go into, and as a woman, she would feel respect among her male counterparts for winning this award.