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Ten years ago, after working in the computer science industry for 16 years, I moved into the education space to bring computer science education to the high school my own children would be attending. Ten years ago, Oak Ridge High School did not have computer science courses. This year we offer a complete computer science pathway and 11 sections of students taking computer science course. I have worked closely with teachers and administration to recommend new technology solutions. I advocated for computer science education within the district and with continuous support from administration, developed, and implemented a 4 course pathway, including Exploring Computer Science, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science A and Database Design/SQL Programming. In addition, I created and successfully taught an online version of AP Computer Science A, to provide every student in the district the opportunity to learn about computer science. My passion is in technology and education and last year I accepted an adjunct professor position at Folsom Lake College, teaching an introductory programming course and computer game design course. My employment at the college allowed me to articulate the Database Design and SQL Programming course, and now my students earn college credit while in high school. I continue to be a lifelong learner and a role model for my students, in addition to promoting computer science education. I am currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Computer Science which will help me stay current and relevant and better support my students. My computer science students are a community of collaborators, innovators and problem-solvers. They see the importance and beauty of computer science and share their passion within and outside of their classrooms. I work closely with the technology teachers at the local middle schools to ensure our curriculums align and support what we are doing at the high school. Starting with no computer science courses, 8 years ago, to now, 4 courses and 11 sections was a collaborative effort between my administration, the district administration, regional computer science educator collaboration, the supportive middle school teachers and - most importantly - my students who continue to inspire and delight me each and every day.