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Sonja has always enjoyed math in school, and always went ahead in class in order to learn more. She got second place in two competitions in math-counts, one honor and two superior scores in the Montana Council of Teachers of Mathematics competition, and went to high school math classes during middle school. Her father was a teacher and computer programmer, and, knowing her love of math and computers, pushed her towards coding for years. In middle school, she made a program that allowed users to input words for a mad-lib-like game in java, but was too busy with schoolwork and other interests to do much more. By the time she was a senior in high school and finally had some extra space in her schedule, she decided to take a computer science class and quickly found that it not only lent itself amazingly to her math-and-logic-based brain, she thoroughly enjoyed it. She made programs in python with turtle that displayed intricate images of the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek, with a randomly generated star background, and the wistful scene from Star Wars: A New Hope that portrays Luke staring off into the sunset of the twin suns. She made programs that allowed her to input equations and graph them in turtle to create more precise images, from transcendental functions to polynomials. She created programs that approximated square roots, one that created a pixelated image of a fox using looped functions, another that allowed the user to construct a business card, and a rose-decorated minecraft tile . From the beginning of her class, she was surprised and intrigued by the opportunities coding presented to her, and she adored exploring coding her every whim through the lens of computer science.