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Sofie is not only a coding aficionado but a senior in high school. Growing up, she relied on technology to further her competence in academic pursuits. Her enrollment in a unique French language immersion school prompted her to advance my English grammar skills online - at home. This was revelatory. She could access many educational opportunities online. She soon completed an HTML webpage development class at Coder Dojo, leading her to take all the intriguing engineering classes offered at my school including Intro to Engineering and Design, Green Architecture, Design and Robotics, and Flight and Space. The capacity of technology to positively impact so many domains is appealing. Her love to continuously broaden her knowledge in engineering and technology continues outside of school. That led her to compete in Technovation, a global competition in which girls create applications addressing local problems. She reached out to 3 friends who had never coded before in her life and as a team. Together, they identified a need for students to assess and secure volunteering opportunities to fulfill their required hours, so they devised an application connecting students with volunteering opportunities in an easy-to-navigate mobile application, benefiting students, plus organizations seeking servers. Sofie especially enjoyed conducting research, testing the product, building the app and crafting the business proposal, which relied on creative skills. Their efforts were recognized when awarded Best Pitch, underscoring concept, its implementation, and sophisticated design. Overall, this experience accelerated my interest in applying technology to serve those in need, as well as creative ways to enhance user experience. Yet, some of her favorite technology-related experience was attending Stanford University’s ID Tech Camp. After completing a course in Java there, she returned for a Cyber Security course relying on Python. She thought it was eye-opening to learn about the RSA cipher and enjoyed deploying her ciphers. Afterward, Sofie spent two weeks at the University of Minnesota in the summer of 2016 in an intensive technology class. The camp allowed Sofie to learn more about her favorite programming language, Python, as well as creating projects using Arduino, Robotics, Cryptography, and 3-D printing. Sofie then completed another cybersecurity camp that is endorsed by the NSA. During the GenCyber camp, she was able to meet with cybersecurity professionals and get a glimpse into their day-to-day lives. Inspired by the peers has met through her endeavors in technology, Sofie took the year-long, AP Computer Science Principles course at her high school that was taught in MIT App Inventor. She felt proud of earning a five on the Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles exam and scoring within the top 14-percent. I recently was recognized by the Target TWIST Award and am honored to be chosen as one of the 25 women. These successes helped me feel I could excel in my chosen major, as I was often among few women in my classes in this male-dominated field. Through her variety of experience Sofie endeavored in technology, she has made life-long friendships with people all around the world. Inspired by the amazing people in technology, Sofie created the only coding club at her high school. The coding club fosters an inclusive space for programmers and those interested in technology at Edina High School to collaborate. Sofie continues to use her coding skills to give back to organizations like Technovation, and Coder Dojo and the Hour of Code that first sparked her interest in technology. This year Sofie is a high school senior, but a full-time student at Normandale Community College through PSEO(Post Secondary Enrollment Option). Already, Sofie has gained valuable college-level course experiences as well as more flexibility to save for college. Sofie is excited to further her education in college by majoring in Computer Science. Already, Sofie has been accepted to 4 universities in London and is looking forward to deepening her knowledge through more cultural and computer science experiences.