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Growing up, Silvia has always presented leadership. She is one to take advantage of all the opportunities offered to her. Some of Silvia's most prominent accomplishments were due to her academic success, while others were earned through her excellent leadership and technical skills. A significant technical accomplishment in Silvia's life was receiving First Place for the Hartman Award for Best Presentation by the Science and Engineering Apprenticeship Program and the Office of Naval Research. Silvia was interning at the Naval Surface Warfare Center-Carderock Division in Philadelphia, PA when awarded. She presented a graphical user interface (GUI) to her peers and Department of Defense (DoD) employees. Silvia's GUI was to be implemented in thermostat controllers on various amphibious and destroyer ships. Silvia dedicated an abundance of effort, as well as dedication, to learning new programming languages that she did not have the opportunity to learn before. That summer, Silvia began to learn C++, Java, JavaScript and Ruby. Once Silvia obtained more chances to learn programming languages, she felt the desire to encourage others to follow her path. Silvia had applied to become a student ambassador of a Girls Who Code club earlier that summer of 2014. The club was approved, leading her to start her recruitment process as well as contact administrators and professionals about this wonderful opportunity. Silvia believes she shares the same vision as Girls Who Code and many other organizations and groups of women in computing fields. It is essential to expose girls, minorities in tech, to the vast realm of what is already some of the most innovative fields in our society. Silvia was born and raised in Newark, NJ. Moreover, her city is primarily made up of minorities (e.g. Hispanics/Latinos, African Americans, etc.). She was never offered the opportunity to take any computer science courses at her high school. Instead, Silvia takes free massive open online courses by startups and institutions changing the way computer science education is presented. Exposure to computing fields is essential to raising interest and motivation for girls to pursue these fields. Silvia plans on continuing her service through outreach programs during and after college, as well as other afterschool activities for girls interested in computing-related fields.