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I am on track to graduate from Ronald Reagan High School (San Antonio, Texas) in May 2020. The two universities in which I am most interested are Texas A&M—College Station, and CalArts in California. My most notable IT achievement is helping younger girls learn about technology in an event I helped facilitate called Created by Girls. To have the opportunity where I mentored elementary girls and, hopefully, make an impact, was fantastic. We talked about being girls and sometimes the difficulties we face because we like technology. I think they felt better knowing that “older” girls sometimes faced the same things and still pressed forward liking to work with tech and just having fun - despite what anybody else thinks or says. I have enjoyed doing Hour of Code with other technology students at my local elementary schools for several years now - next month will be my third year doing Hour of Code! I am also proud of receiving perfect scores (and winning the equivalent of state) at the Junior Visual Arts Scholastic Event (Jr. VASE) three years in a row as a middle school student, and receiving a perfect score at VASE this year as a freshman and a sophomore. One of my winning pieces was an interactive sculpture powered by an Arduino using Neopixels and capacitive-touch titled the Monolith. Monolith reflects how I feel an un-interacted with life is dull and lifeless, but is full of life, music, and color when touched by people. The tech I used enabled that message to come to life. The piece is an almost meter tall black almost featureless obelisk. However, when touched by a human, it plays music and lights up! One of my most rewarding experiences was the opportunity to be a part of the Cisco Girls Power Tech Day. It was amazing and inspirational talking with women in technology and learning about how they faced challenges and overcame them.